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i_am_jcei's Journal

Annaliese Serene Trüble
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Social Class : Noble
Homeworld : Isles of Kesaid

Age : 16
Race : Ahtraus

Schooling : Sorcerer (Fourth Class)
Primary : Evocation
Specialty : Power Word:Pain (FORBIDDEN)



Dancing Lights : Small floating orb of light that lasts until unsommoned or summoner sleeps.
Flare : Sends target into a temporary daze for one round.
Light : Causes an object to shine as bright as a torch.
Ray of Electrical Current : Ray deals small amounts of shocking damage.
Mending : Makes minor repairs to an object.
Arcane Mark : Inscribes a personal rune.

First Class

Protection from Chaos/Evil : First Class ward against Evil/Chaotic beings. (Higher levels withstanding.)
Shield : Invisible disk to serve as a weightless tower shield for ten rounds. Withstands weak projectile magic.
Obscuring Mist : Fog surrounds you.
Summon Creature I : Calls an extraplanar creature to do your bidding until unsommoned or destroyed.
Unseen Servant : Invisible force obeys your commands until unsummoned or summoner sleeps.
Dreamless Nap : Causes target to fall into a dreamless sleep for five rounds.
Burning Hands : Touch attack that causes blistering burns.
Magic Missile : Projectile missile attack that produces four small missiles that cause magic damage for two rounds.
Shocking Grasp : Touch attack that delivers electrical damage for two rounds.
Tenser's Floating : Creates a 3 foot-diameter horizontal disk that holds 100 pounds per level.

Second Class

Fog Cloud : Fog obscures vision.
Glitterdust : Blinds creatures, outlines invisible creatures with a large cloud of gold glitter.
Summon Creature II : Calls an extraplanar creature to follow your commands until unsummoned or destroyed.
Continual Flame : Makes a permanent, heatless tortch.
Darkness : 20 foot-radius of supernatural shadow that lasts five rounds.
Gust of Wind : Blows away or knocks down smaller creatures.
Shatter : Sonic vibrations damages objects or crystalline creatures.

Third Class

Explosive Runes : Deals explosive flame damage when read.
Magic Circle Against Chaos/Evil : Creates a 10 foot-radius circle that wards and protects against Evil/Chaotic creatures and energy. (Withstanded by High Level creatures.)
Daylight : 60 foot-radius of bright light that lasts ten rounds.
Lightning Bolt : Electricity deals moderate damage to a creature.



Augment Summoning : You summoned creatures more powerful than normal.
Combat Casting : You are adept at casting spells during combat or intense situations.
Empower Spell : You can cast spells to greater effects.
Eschew Materials : You can cast spells without material components (if needed) at the cost of weaker effects.
Quicken Spell : You can cast spells with a moment's thought.

[[Anna is (c) to Torrid Productions. Also, this Anna contains much singing! Yus. If she suddenly bursts into a song and dance, it's okay. This is very normal for her world...]]